Brain training horses: neuroanatomy in a nutshell

Saturday 3rd October 2015


When: Arrive 9.15 for a 9.30 start, finish around 1.30 pm.

Where: Wotton Village Hall, Surrey (on the A25 between Guildford and Dorking; easy access of the M25, M3 etc.)

Animal behaviourists and trainers tend to be taught about behaviour from an ‘outside-in’ viewpoint. We observe what animals do, determine what we want them to do, and create situations externally to change what they do. So, in this session we will be looking at behaviour and training from the inside out. Subjects that will be covered:


* Video footage of a horse brain dissection (optional viewing)

* Structures in the brain relevant to learning and habit formation

* Review of the popular ‘quadrant’ model of operant conditioning

* A new theory to add to the behaviourist’s toolkit

Sharon Smith PGDip BHSPT SEBC(Reg.)

Sharon recently studied neurophysiology as part of the MSc Applied Equine Science at the Royal Agricultural University and is now in the middle of her dissertation. She is an experienced and qualified trainer, behaviourist, SEBC examiner and freelance riding instructor. The horse that started all this, Sam, has forgiven her past and still tolerates her efforts to apply the skills she learned at Talland School of Equitation. Although he wishes she would lose a few pounds.

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